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Charlie Tango Spotted On 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie Set: Pic!


Charlie Tango On The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie Set
YourTango, meet Charlie Tango.
Get to know Christian Grey's right hand man — er, helicopter — from the 'Fifty Shades' movie!

Fifty Shades Of Grey has a new male cast member! Well, sort of. Christian Grey is so loaded that he has his own helicopter, and his helicopter has a name: Charlie Tango.

For the uninitiated, Grey uses Charlie Tango to fly from Seattle to Portland and back on business ... and pleasure. (And pain, obviously, because he's into that.)

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Producer Michael De Luca posted a photo of the flyer on his Facebook page, while Fifty Shades author E.L. James went for a ride in the movie's copter and gushed about it on Twitter:

The helicopter is emblazoned with "Grey Enterprises," just in case you had any doubts. Of course, Charlie Tango isn't Grey's only mode of air transportation. The fictional billionaire BDSM enthusiast also has a plane, which James Instagrammed:

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If you want to see what else Grey's got in store, you'll have to wait til February 14, 2015 ... or just for tomorrow's installment of Fifty Shades Friday!


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