I Secretly Fantasize About Cheating On My Husband

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Heartbreak, Sex

One woman reveals how she deals with her urges.

I have been dreaming about having sex with another man for a long time. I started fantasizing two years into my marriage. Now that my kids are older and life is less stressful, I find myself thinking about wanting sex much more often. But not sex with my husband. I want hot, lustful, first-date sex. The kind where the man looks at you longingly all night and then touches every single inch of your body. Dammit, I miss that.

A few months ago, I saw previews on ABC for a new show called Betrayal. The show involved a married woman embarking on her first extra-marital affair. I knew I had to watch this show. I needed to know: how did her affair start, how did she meet her new lover when she is busy with a child, and how will it all end? Will they keep it a secret? Will it destroy her family? Most of all, I needed to live vicariously through this character to understand my own feelings about cheating.

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