Valentines Day Gift Idea Of The Day: A Surprise For You Both

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Because it's not truly a surprise if you know what it is...right?

Valentine's Day is a month away, so we're celebrating 30 Days Of Love. (You didn't think one day would be enough for us, did you?) Today we're extolling the virtues of surprise—the secret ingedient for keeping even the longest relationships feeling a honeymoon phase.

In keeping with the theme, we tracked down the ultimate surprise Valentines Day gift idea for your sweet—something that's even a surprise to you! That's right. For $10, The Something Store will send you a gift in an unmarked box. You won't know what it is. Your partner won't know what it is. All you know is that it'll be something brand new, not used and refurbished. Sound scary? That's part of the fun!

Our advice? Go for the excitement of a cheap thrill—but have a second gift waiting in the wings. 

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