Uh Oh! Are These Wardrobe Malfunctions Fake Or For Real?


Is there such thing as an honest nip slip?

Nip slips, too-high slits, and dresses that won't zip, oh my! Even the most sophisticated celebs in Hollywood have dealt with their fair share of wardrobe malfunctions. Kate Beckinsale caused a stir at the Golden Globes after she revealed the zipper on her slinky silver gown split en route to the event, and Britney Spears recently made headlines when the skintight leotard she was performing in came apart mid-show.

Both appear to have been accidents, but others aren't so clear. With starlets like Lindsay Lohan parading around braless and Courtney Stodden strolling through LA, well, clothes-less, who's to tell an honest malfunction from a ploy for attention?

See the gallery over at Fox News Entertainment: Wardrobe Whoopsies: On Purpose Or An Accident?

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