11 Wonderfully Ridiculous Wedding Selfies


Those selfies, they'll get you every time!

Our quest to understand the allure of the selfie has brought us to weddings. Yes, even weddings are not immune to selfies. Cakes and bridesmaids beware! Cameras are coming for you.



That is one snuggly groom
Selfie or no, that's a wedding I want to be at
The groom seems just a wee bit intense, no?
Ooh, that is not a groomsman you want to go home with
I feel like I'm not cool enough for this pair
From the outside looking in?
Poor groom, doesn't make it into the cuter photo
We should all be so lucky to have a crew that lets us take selfies
Duckface should never be allowed in bridal pictures
Who keeps chasing brides around while they take selfies?
That's some party! (And, they're missing it to take a selfie)



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