The Craziest Sports Fans Who Are In Love With Their Teams

sports fans who really love their team

Game on!

The number one rule to being a fan: you have to have an unshakeable love for your team. Even if it means standing in sub-zero temperatures on freezing bleachers in the middle of a snowstorm. After all, it's all in the name of love, right?

And some people have gone beyond the call of duty to cheer on their favorite teams. There have been fans like Tim McKernan aka Barrel Man who was a living legend for going to all the Denver Bronco games from 1967 up until the day he died in 2009. And then, there are fans like the Packers Bikini Girls who you've earned a lot of street cred. (I mean, really ... wearing bathing suits to a Packers game in 25-degree weather? That's commitment.) Here are some of other fans who have made their sports teams the love of their lives.

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