Soccer Star Alex Morgan Is Engaged!

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Sorry fellas, she's off the market.

Olympic gold medalist, forward for the US Women's National Team and all around hottie Alex Morgan is no longer a single lady. Though she had been with boyfriend-turned-fiancée Servando Carrasco of the Houston Dynamo for some time, there was always hope in the hearts of men (and some women) that she might one day be available. Well, sorry folks, Ms. Morgan is off the table. As of December 9th, Alex became an engaged lady, cleverly announcing it via Instagram when she posted this photo of herself, Servando and her shiny new bling while celebrating her pending marriage.


While hearts are breaking all over the world, Alex's teammate Syndey Laroux couldn't be happier. It even sounds like she's going to throw one heck of a bachelorette party!



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