12 Most Awkward Celebrity Kisses

Kissing: 12 Most Awkward Celebrity Kisses

Warning: these can be painful to look at.

When it comes to kissing, not even celebs are perfect. They can mess a kiss up just like the rest of us, and here is the proof. Check out these 12 awkward celebrity kisses.



Stop it Gene Simmons! You stop it right now!
Even the president isn't immune
Oh John Travolta, why?
Make it stop! Make it stop!
What is she looking at?
Hell no, Jessica Simpson
She strikes again!
Cloris Leachman and Steven Tyler? Why? Just Why?
Is she biting him?
Oh TomKat (But all of their kisses were pretty awkward, no?).
The kiss that just wouldn’t end
This is wrong on many levels…but I kinda like it



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