Did Kristin Cavallari Reveal Second Baby's Gender?

Parenting: Did Kristin Cavallari Reveal Second Baby's Gender?

Kristin Cavallari is four months pregnant and talking all things baby.

Camden's going to be a big brother!

Kristin Cavallari is expecting her second child with her Chicago Bears quarterback husband Jay Cutler. The couple wed this past June in Nashville, after welcoming son Camden the summer before. 

After saying 'I do,' Kristin and Jay didn't waste time adding to their brood—but pregnancy the second time around isn't quite such smooth sailing. "I'm just really tired," Kristin shares. "It's just one of those things where I could literally sleep all day every day but I'm snapping out of it a little bit now that I'm in my second trimester."

What does Kristin say about the baby's gender? KEEP READING: Kristin Cavallari Talks Second Baby

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