Playing For Keeps: My Scheme To Date Derek Jeter

Sex & Baseball: My Scheme To Go On A Date With Derek Jeter

Ready to play ball?

It's no wonder that athletes are so attractive — they're fit, team players and always ready to play ball (so to speak).

So when one woman received an invite to a mysterious "All-Star Meet and Greet" with New York Yankees' MVP and near-legendary baseball player Derek Jeter, she would be crazy not to go, right? She didn't take a lot of convincing. She's a self-admitted fan and a "sucker for classy superstar athletes with beautiful eyes who own New York City." There's only one problem — she needs your help to go. Anyone want to step up to the plate and make this dream come true?

Get all of the juicy details over at Bleacher Report: My (Potential) Date With Derek Jeter: A Tale Of Sex And Scheming

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