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Why Holly Madison Hopes Daughter Rainbow Isn't Like Her


Parenting: Why Holly Madison Hopes Daughter Isn't Like Her
Holly Madison recently tied the knot with Pasquale Rotella in Disneyland.
Holly Madison doesn't want her daughter to follow in all of her footsteps.

With a name like Rainbow, we're not surprised Holly Madison's little girl is so pleasant. 

"Rainbow is an amazing, easy baby," the newlywed and new mom gushes. "I got really lucky! I love her so much and she has inspired me to slow down and enjoy life in the moment."

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Although she's only 8 months old, Holly's already envisioning Rainbow's angsty years. "I bet Rainbow will be semi embarrassed of me and want to be totally different. Isn't that how it works with teenagers [laughs]?"

Truth be told, Holly's hoping her baby bestie doesn't grow up wanting to be as, err, enhanced as her famous momma. KEEP READING: Holly Madison On Baby Rainbow, Plastic Surgery & Losing The Baby Weight


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