Throwback Thursday: Why A 'Full House' Spinoff Needs To Happen


Love John Stamos? Why A 'Full House' Spinoff Needs To Happen
5 reasons we want the Tanners back!

A Full House spinoff would be amazing ... if it was actually happening.

After Boy Meets World got its spinoff, Girl Meets World, featuring most of the original cast, whispers turned to low roars about a potential on-screen Full House reunion. Unfortunately, unlike Girl Meets World, a Full House reunion isn't on the horizon. But that doesn't mean the cast doesn't want one!

The rumors came after an April Fool's joke on ScreenRant went viral ... seven months later! Fans got excited, the media buzzed, but it was all a hoax. Still, Candace Cameron Bure, who played the eldest Tanner daughter DJ, was enthusiastic about a possible regrouping with her TV family.

She tweeted, "Fun to see the fan excitement over a new Full House show! But, the article was just a hoax. For now." See that "for now" part? It's giving us hope!

So—have mercy!—here are five reasons we're pulling for a Full House spinoff:

1. Uncle Jesse

2. Uncle Jesse

3. Uncle Jesse

4. John Stamos

5. Uncle Jesse

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