Running Late? Last-Minute Date Night Outfits For Guys

Last-Minute Date Night Outfits For Guys
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Here's what happens when guys get really creative with their clothes.

Ever look in your closet and determine that you have absolutely nothing to wear? Every day? Especially on date night? Yeah, me too.

But hey, we're not the only ones. While we often give you date night look ideas, it looks like guys may be stressing over their dress-to-impress outfits, too. 

Our friends at The Chive posted some DIY ideas for guys who are already late for their dates. And, we have to hand it to them — it's pretty creative. 

We may even have to steal some of the looks.

See the hilarious date night outfits at The Chive: Late for a date and have nothing to wear? Fear not! (7 Photos)

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