The 9 Girlfriends You Meet At Football Games


The 9 Girlfriends You Meet At Football Games
It's football season!

It’s a Sunday morning, you're in your snuggliest pajamas, ready to settle in with the crossword puzzle when your boyfriend comes in and says "Let's go to a football game."


Now, on the inside you feel like:

But he does nice things for you, so it's a decent trade, even though you know you will meet at least one of these girls at the game.
They are…The Nine Girlfriends You Meet at Football Games.

The Enthusiast: the only actual fan on the list, she is legitimately excited to be there. She knows the players, their stats, the rules. She actively enjoys the experience.

The Pro: she might not be as wild about the game as the Enthusiast, but she's been to hundreds, and she knows how to make the best of it. She knows where to sit, who to talk to to get the best stats. She has a monogrammed bleacher cushion, for Pete's sake. She is...The Pro

The Faker: she is the exact opposite of The Enthusiast, but she doesn't want her boyfriend to know it, so her every reaction is:

The Talker: she is full of questions, ideas and thoughts that just can't be contained. You're trying to be polite, but on the inside you know it's:

And a little bit of this:

The Whiner: like an extra negative version of The Talker, she won't shut up, and you want to be like:

The Drinker: Everybody's favorite (on most lists), this lady has peppermint schnapps in her coco and a boot flask for the rest of the group. But only if you ask nice!

The Freezer: the temperature is all this chick can think about. She is just as cold as the rest of you, but she WON'T. SHUT. UP about it.

The Beauty Queen: you're not quite sure what this girl is doing here, because she clearly thought she was going to a club. She's impeccably dressed, not a hair out of place, and her makeup is magazine-worthy. You, meanwhile, are layered up to the nines, and have a nose like Rudolph because it is 23 degrees outside. How is she in heels?

The Cheerleader: a second cousin to The Faker, this girl has no idea what's going on, and thus has wild reactions to basically everything that happens on the field.

Just remember, sometimes something magical will happen, when your boyfriend takes pity on you and says, "Hey let’s leave early." And you get to turn to the other girls and be all like:

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