13 Reasons You Love Your Dog More Than Your Boyfriend

Buzz, Love

And why that's okay.

Sure, you love your boyfriend. He’s a great guy. But if you’re being honest with yourself, don’t you love your dog more? Like, just a little bit more? You certainly have some very compelling reasons. And here they are.



They'll do yoga with you
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/2">tumblr.com</a>
And keep you company at the gym
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They're adventurous
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/6">tumblr.com</a>
They really know how to impress your friends
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/9">tumblr.com</a>
They'll put up with a lot
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/12">tumblr.com</a>
They feel the same way you do about sports
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/14">tumblr.com</a>
They’re great with home repair
They're secretly Shaolin warriors, and that is awesome
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/16">tumblr.com</a>
Like, really awesome
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/18">tumblr.com</a>
They will protect you from evil (or at least hide in the shower with you while you call ).
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/22">tumblr.com</a>
They are daring
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/18">tumblr.com</a>
They too just want to stay in and cuddle on a Saturday night
<a href="http://tumblr.4gifs.com/tagged/dog/page/18">tumblr.com</a>
They are this freaking cute all the time
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