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Waxing all the hair down there: It's more polarizing than you'd think.

Special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and the women of Sex and the City for bringing Brazilians to the forefront of our imaginations — and keeping them there. Ever since the show's debut and the multi-million dollar success of the feature films, more and more women have dared to bare it all — or are, at the very least, thinking about keeping the feminine landscape trimmed and tight. Opting for sans hair down there has thoroughly split the sexes straight down the middle. (And the sexual innuendo of the article is at its peak, mind you.)

While women find the hairless hack to be refreshing, freeing and easier to maintain (yes, all things real women have said), how do dudes feel about it? Are they excited, confused — or seriously contemplating coming back for seconds?


They Think It's Clean & Sexy:
While Tom, 29, loves the openness of the area when it's hassle-free. "I admit that at first I wasn't into it but then I started dating a woman who got Brazilians every four weeks. We had sex regularly — and I really liked the cleanliness factor. I could go down on her as often as I wanted and was never met with excuses. I also felt like, as a woman, she felt sexier around me. She was kinkier, too. It was like the Brazilian brought on all new territory for us to explore." 

"I think a Brazilian should be seasonal — necessary in the summer and maybe not as necessary in the other seasons, but still suggested. I think that the cleaner a woman is, the better the sex is," says Cole, 27. "I'm not worrying about getting stray hairs in my mouth — which can be a total turn-off — or when the last time she showered was."

"When I'm going down there, I don't want no hair," says Ryan, 27, to the tune of his own little jingle. "It's a huge turn-on when I'm out with a woman and find out later that she’s totally bare down there. I know tons of dudes probably say that it's sexy — but it really is. It shows me that she's into my pleasure as much as she is her own."

And James, 26, agrees that it doesn't get much better than a woman with no "road blocks" in the bedroom. "I'm a fan of going hairless — and if that's the most hairless you can get, then I definitely support a woman who wants a clean cut."

Phil, 29, said that when you're in a relationship with a woman a Brazilian isn't exactly a requirement, but a Hollywood wax every now and again goes a long way in the bedroom. "I'm easy to please, I’m not looking for anything too crazy but it’s to me, a Brazilian is the best you can get from a woman. And when you're in a relationship it's not exactly a necessity although it's definitely an added treat when you've been with someone and they're willing to spice it up."

But Not All Guys Agree That A Brazilian Is The Way To Go:
We first caught wind of the hairless vagina backlash from Angelo, 33, in 10 Things That Spook Guys In Bed, when he said: "What spooks me? A woman whose vagina looks like an 8-year-old's. I'm a man. I don't get off on nailing little girls. When I see it, I won't stop the action, but I won't be back for seconds. There are plenty of guys into it, I'm just not one of them." But Angelo is certainly not alone in his dislike for the trend.

"I won't say no to a woman with a completely bare vagina, but I would never suggest it to a girl I was with. I feel like a pedophile even thinking about it. Women have hair, it's a sign of their femininity," says Cole, 34. "Don't get me wrong — I'm not saying it should be a jungle down there, but going completely hair-free? No thanks; I'm good."

"In the south," my Southern friend Joel, 25, tells me, "you'd never see a woman with a shaved vagina — and if you did, it'd be rare. Maybe it's because women are more conservative here than in places like New York and California and are more reserved when it comes to their sexuality? Or maybe it's just not popular here. Personally, I'm not into it. Thinking about it reminds me of the days before puberty — and when I think about that, I'm not okay with it. Why would I be sleeping with a girl whose vagina looks like it did when we were 12?" Touché, Joel, touché.

The most compelling and provocative response was from Hank, 28. I had to stop and meet him for coffee because missing the opportunity to see just how he would respond to the question when asked was almost as bad as missing the response entirely. When I asked him to share his personal opinion on Brazilians, he looked at me quizzically and said, "Am I reading too far into it by saying that I think women get Brazilians because they think men want them to?" He went on, saying, "Maybe at some point a dude told his girlfriend that she should go completely bald — and she told a friend, who told five more friends, and then the whole idea started that men prefer bald women who look like developmentally — and sexually — they're little girls, and so the bad idea was born. I'm definitely not a supporter. I like a woman who is well maintained and cares enough about her body to keep things looking cleanly, but I also love to see a little hair. It's really hot, for me, knowing that tucked in her underwear is something so feminine and so sexy. Why would you want her to be bald? Babies are bald. Girls are bald. A woman, down there, isn’t bald. Sexiness and confidence is not bald. Trust me on that."

What do you think about waxing all your hair down there? Tell us in the comments below.

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