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11 Insanely Inappropriate Wedding Cake Toppers


11 Insanely Inappropriate Wedding Cake Toppers
No runners here.
Do you really want that on your cake?

Most wedding cake toppers are quite lovely. Classic, simple and elegant is a good way to go if you want a little bride and groom atop your cake. But not all couples heed this advice. They decide to get creative…



Won't there be grandparents in attendance?

This sets a charming tone for the marriage.

It goes both ways, I guess.

Making a break for it? Nuh uh.

They make me nervous.

This ain't Sister Wives, honey.

Is anybody else getting real tired of zombies?

How does this set a make for a fun wedding?

A classy move all around, really.

Matched only by these two. " rel="nofollow">

Nothing like a DUI on your wedding day.

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