We need someone to help us understand how to deal with ourselves


I faced a lot of hard times after& before  divorce, I fell in love with a guy for 3 years and after a lot of troubles our relation came to a  dead end .I asked God to be with him forever and I spent 3 years in my life thinking about him , loving him and trying to be his mother , friend , his lover all at  the same time but our relation ended so bad at the end and I got divorced after a month & 22 days from date of official marriage which was a shock for me ,my parents and everyone and we ended it up by a lot of troubles and bad events.
These were the most difficult moments I spent in my life .
Of course after all that, I lost faith in myself, my character changed a lot.

That's when I met someone who started to give me support. Yasmin offered to be my coach. Frankly speaking I wasn’t sure about that but Yasmin started to tell me more about life coaching Yasmin started to bring me articles talking about life coaching at a period of my life when I was very hopeless.


I started to think about the whole thing about what is the meaning to life coaching? how can you coach someone without affecting him with your opinion? It was really hard for me because I am one of the characters that is very weak to take any decision alone ,all my decisions were because I am stubborn and that I want that  not because it is  right. For the first time I insisted on something and I was dying to spend my whole life with this guy; I failed to achieve that ,  I found myself pushing through hell alone, I simply  broke down .

So to have someone to coach you by listening to your needs and try to help you to achieve your dreams even if it is an unbelievable dream and to let go of what are left inside me from agony and bad memories and hate, something must be appreciated because I believe that two minds are better than one and so on….,

I have to admit that when support comes from someone talented or specialist it’s really helps so much, it makes you discover yourself in a new frame, discover that it is not the end of life that you lose in one battle still there are lots of battles we can win but we only need to face our battle.

My coach as someone specialized in her feild and in her study helped me to discover a lot in myself & character. All I needed is just thinking, good planning and sheering up.

After that I realized that Coaching is something important , we always need people to support us, we can’t live alone in this word we need friends, we need someone to teach and help us to understand how we can deal with ourselves.

Meeting someone like my coach on weekly basics helped me personally, professional and emotionally.


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