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Love Bytes: No Ovaries? No Problem. You Can Even Get Twins.


pregnant angel
Thanks, science.
Plus, why wife is NOT a bad word.

As one miracle child to another, looking good, lil fella(s). My mom was told she was infertile after my sisters but a woman in Brisbane (in Australia's Queensland state) had her ovaries removed due to cancer BUT science stooped in and impregnated her with twins. Super-interesting read. (WetPaint)

Great! You and your new guy had sex! Terrible! He's withdrawn! What do you do now? (ANewMode)

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As we mentioned, men fantasize about a woman paying for dinner. When a woman in London refuses to pony up, her date confiscated her mobile as recompense. Their next date was with a pair of cops. (Huffington Post)

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Hey, ladies. "Wife" isn't a four-letter word. Fine. It's literally a four-letter word but it's not a BAD word. (TheFrisky)

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Oh boy. What do we (you) really think about one-minute man? (BroBible)

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