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Man Sculpts The Woman Of His Dreams & Then Marries Her!


Man Sculpts The Woman Of His Dreams & Then Marries Her!
Dr. Matlock met his wife during a vaginoplasty consultation.
They found love in a hopeless place. A doctor's office.

Plastic surgeons have reputations of being perfectionists — but this surgeon takes the cake. Little did David Matlock know that he would meet his future wife during a vaginoplasty consultation, and he claims it was "love at first sight."

Dr. Matlock is known for his vaginoplasty laser procedure which was featured on the television show Dr. 90210. He persuaded his patient to be his "wonder woman," which included liposuction of the arms, chin and thighs. And she agreed.

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The surgeon even has work done on himself, but not everyone is thrilled with this aesthetically pleasing couple. Veronica's 9-year-old daughter disagrees with going under the knife completely.

Perhaps Veronica should have looked into David's past. Dr. Matlock has a sketchy track record, he was sued for malpractice 10 times and the California medical board has tried to revoke his license in 1998 for negligence, fraud,and dishonesty according to the Wall Street Journal.

So is this couple in it for the long haul? "As Matlock puts it, he'll care for Veronica "for richer or poorer" She chimes in: "But not fat!"

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