14 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bridesmaids


14 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bridesmaids
Yup, even celebs have to put on a bridesmaid dress for a friend.

Celebs are always in the spotlight, except for the few hours they have to step back and support a friend on their special day. That's right, even celebrities throw on bridesmaid gowns for their friends and family. Check out this list of the fourteen celebs you didn't know were bridesmaids.



The now Mrs. Timberlake donned a chocolate brown gown for former 7th Heaven co-star Beverly Mitchell’s 2008 nuptials.


Kiera Knightly was pleasant in purple for the 2011 wedding of her brother Caleb to Kerry Nixon


Kate Bosworth nearly outshone the bride at a 2008 beach wedding in Sydney.


Jessica Simpson has been a bridesmaid at least three times, most recently at the wedding of bestie CaCee Cobb to Donald Faison.


Rachel Bilson served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Josh Schwartz and Jill Stonerock in 2008.


Jessica Alba was able to double team her friend’s 2010 wedding; hubby Cash Warren was the best man!


Katherine Heigl served as a bridesmaid for her sister Meg in 2007.


And who could forget the time Britney Spears walked down the aisle for her assistant Brett in 2011?


The bride got two for the price of one when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen stepped in as bridesmaids for a 2007 Cabo beach wedding.


Cameron Diaz went all the way to France to fulfill her bridesmaid duties in 2006.


Kirsten Dunst was lovely as ever at the 2012 wedding of her best friend, Molly.


Naomi Watts returned to her homeland for the 2010 wedding of pal Emma Cooper.


Lady Gaga was positively demure at the 2013 wedding of best friend Bo O'Connor.


Jennifer Garner was all smiles at the 2006 wedding of her assistant.


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