Pass The Tissues: Here's The Sweetest Love Song You'll Ever Hear


Prepare yourself for waterworks.

Fred, 96-years-old, is not a musician, but he entered an online singer/songwriter contest held by Green Shoe Media. Instead of uploading a YouTube video like the contest requested, he sent in a letter he had written to his recently deceased wife. On the back of the envelope, he wrote "P.S. I don't sing, I would scare people haha."

In the letter, Fred expresses how much he misses the love of his life, who he was with for 73 years. Blown away by his passion and heartwarming words, Green Shoe Studio decided to bring his song life — for free.

Our friends at The Chive posted the sweet love song, along with an equally touching video about how the "Sweet Lorraine" came to be — and let us tell you, it's a tearjerker.

Watch the heartwarming video at The Chive: 96-year-old man writes a love song for his recently deceased wife of 75 years (Video)

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