Pregnant? This Book Says You Can Enjoy Sushi, Coffee & Wine

Pregnant? This Book Says You Can Enjoy Sushi, Coffee & Wine

A controversial new book says there's a lot you can put back on the menu when you're pregnant.

Light drinking when you're pregnant? Emily Oster, who is a mother of a 2-year-old, an economist, and an associate professor at the University of Chicago Business School — says it's perfectly fine.

The author of Expecting Better is on a mission to clear up the guidelines about what you can and cannot have during pregnancy. And, after her own research about what's actually causing ill health effects on women, Oster believes your doctor is getting a lot of things wrong.

See what Oster says moms-to-be can put back on the menu at Wetpaint Moms: Wine, Sushi, and Coffee Are Safe While Pregnant, New Book Says

What do you think? Could this book be dangerous for expecting women?

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