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Dating & 'The Bachelor': Can You Trust Love At First Sight?

TV shows like 'The Bachelor' feature women professing love to men they barely know. Is it for real?

Let's be honest: is love at first sight really possible? Can you instantly know he's "the one"? 

In a new video from YourTango, Experts Jasbina Ahluwalia, Maya Ezratti, Ellen Whitehurst and Abby Rodman speak with YourTango Vice President Melanie Gorman about the phenemonen of instantaneous love, perpetuated by shows like The Bachelor. The reality competition series may be unrealistic for the rest of us, but we can use it as a teaching tool in our own dating lives. 

How can we be sure he's a good catch? Is there such a thing as being too available? Check out the video above to find out the answers!

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