How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many? For One Woman, 80 Is Not


Yes, 8-0.

Remember when we told you about those ridiculous world record-holders in love? From the couple that kissed the longest to the ones that stayed in a hug for days.

Well, The Guinness Book Of World Records may want to consider a new category because we just found another love champion who will make you think your wedding party is miniscule.

Bride Katie Dalby didn't want to exclude anyone, literally anyone, from her big day — so she had 80 bridesmaids at her wedding. Some of the 26-year-old's bridesmaids were as young as two years old.

Can you imagine what the dress fitting was like? How about the bachelorette party? Did they even fit in one picture together?

Find out WHY she had so many bridesmaids and who they were at Wetpaint Moms: Dance Teacher Bride Has a Whopping 80 Bridesmaids at Wedding

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