Real Talk For Married Couples In Long Distance Relationships

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Real Talk For Married Couples In Long Distance Relationships
Our expert has some good news for long-distance lovers.

Many couples believe that a long distance relationship is the kiss of death. But YourTango marriage and family expert Lesli Doares has good news: for some partners, it can actually be an opportunity to create a healthier, happier bond. Doares spoke on a panel of relationship experts and writers about this timely topic in a new video for HuffPost Live.


As she explains, the separation allows couples to really connect and discover their compatibilities and incompatibilities before they say "I do." This is something that many couples who live in the same city never take the time to figure out! And when it comes to living apart after the vows, there's reason to relax there, too. Living miles apart allows you to appreciate one another more.

Check out the video for more of Doares' tips for making a long distance relationship work.

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