13 Lies '90s Rom-Coms Told Me About Love

13 Lies '90s Rom-Coms Told Me About Love

These movies gave us some eff-ed ideas about love!

Think back to your teenage years. Just like us, you probably watched these movies over and over and over again.

But looking back, we're thinking these flicks had a bad influence on our dating lives. Shocking, right?

Many of us related to these high school girls on the big screen. We wondered, were we more like Bianca or Kat when it came to the hottest guys in school? And sure, who hasn't imagined that Hottie McHotterson would finally notice us when we took off our glasses and got our braces removed. WRONG.

Here are 13 other crappy love lessons courtesy of our favorite '90s rom-coms.


1. Makeovers. Change. Everything.

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2. It's totally OK to fall in love with your ex-step-brother. Especially if he's Paul Rudd.

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3. You will find your soul mate in high school.

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4. True love is only found when it begins with a dare, bet or any other ulterior motive.

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5. Anything is forgivable when a grand gesture is involved. Always.

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6. People don't forget awful nicknames. People don't forget.

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7. You will probably hate the one you love before you realize you love them.

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8. Save the drama for your mama? Forget that. Sh*t always hits the fan at the school dance or wild party.

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9. You might have a chance with your dream guy despite the fact that he has no idea who you are and you have serious stalker tendencies.

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10. You'll fall in love with the most unexpected person. And he's probably a nerd or the boy next door.

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11. You'll get burned by the bad boy just before the nice guy sweeps you off your feet.

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12. It's OK to confess your love for your platonic best friend when he's just about to get married. It'll go over real well.

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13. Love conquers all, including the fact that you're a prostitute and he's a Wall Street suit.

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