11 Brave Couples Taking Extraordinary Leaps Of Faith -- Together!


Sometimes you have to just hold hands and jump.

Moving in together, tying the knot … jumping out of a plane? No matter how you define a leap of faith with your partner, you have to give props to these eleven pairs who went to great lengths in the name of love -- from skydiving to swimming with sharks to some craziness with a surfboard.


Bungee jumping: at least they had something to hold on to.


Skydiving: Pros: plenty of opportunities for adorable shots like this. Cons: you could so die.


Zip line: One adventurous couple celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary with a tandem ride.


Trapeze-ing together. Now there’s a leap of faith if ever there was one

Hang gliding: you know, you can have just as much fun on the ground.


Rock climbing: just you, your honey, and a thousand foot drop.


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