Why Lesbians Make The Best Parents

Why Lesbians Make The Best Parents

Why Lesbians Make The Best Parents

Lesbian Couple With Baby
5 reasons having two moms are better.

More lesbian moms have been featured on our TV screens recently, from the Disney channel casting their first lesbian couple in one of their hit TV shows, to ABC Family debuting The Fosters, centered on a lesbian couple with a blended family, the attention might be for good reason.

A new study shows that kids raised by lesbian parents are not only as happy and well adjusted as heterosexual parents, they also handle certain situations better — such as divorce.

With these new findings, would lesbian moms make better parents? Here are a few reasons why that might be the case.

1. Their children are wanted:
The children of lesbians have been planned and prepared for, so the parents are more committed to the children and their family.

2. Their children learn tolerance, open mindedness and gender parity early:
The children from these types of families grown up and see that families come in different shades and genders, which makes them more tolerant and understanding.

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