Weird News: Japan Shuts Down Sex Delivery Service Featuring BBW

police car

Tokyo police shut down a prostitution ring dedicated to men who have BBW fetishes.

The Japanese archipelago seems to have an entirely different set of sexual preoccupations than those of us westerners. (NOTE: Are Australians westerners because they speak English?) Things like extra-marital affairs, cartoon porn featuring Lovecraftian creatures and super-powered teens and vending machines selling previously-used panties are commonplace if not de rigueur. That being said, they appear to have their limits. And it looks like that limit is around 330 pounds.

Per Fox News, a prostitution ring that specialized in home delivery of bigger hookers was taken down by the brave men of the Tokyo PD. The service, translated into Max Body, was run by a former prostitute who believed there was (is) a niche market in the Land Of The Rising for big-boned-ed girls.

Though there is a wink-wink relationship with hooking and the Japanese penal code*, there has been some manner of crackdowns on the services that deliver to a person's home or hotel. It's not exactly known why upwards of 30 BBW were targeted, rather than other rings. It could have been a tax thing, it could have been the mafia requiring a kickback and it could have been a spate of very happy men reporting episodes hip dysplasia and collarbone fractures to local healthcare workers.

We’ll be sure to keep you abreast of large cracks coming in this caper.

*Note: Intercourse for money is more or less illegal but hand, mouth, foot and boob stuff is still kosher. This may possibly explains the blurred-out effect on genitalia in Japanese pornography. I mean, that's what a friend says.

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