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The Royal Baby's Name Is Likely To Be …


The Royal Baby's Name Is Likely To Be …
Kate and William said they will wait until after their child is born to name him/her.
While we wait for the baby to arrive, here are the top contenders for the lil one's name.

The royal baby's rumored due date came and went this past weekend without any news from the palace. So when will the little prince or princess arrive?

Well, Camilla, the baby's step-grandmother, is thinking the future heir will arrive in the next few days. "We are all just waiting by the telephone. We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here." But, really, it's anyone's guess when the little tot will arrive.

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As is what Kate and William will decide to name their wee one. But that's not stopping countless people from taking a gamble on the winning moniker. The Internet has been overrun with excited royal fans (and probably seasoned gamblers as well) placing bets on which name the couple is most likely to choose.

There's a whole webpage predicting the odds of the names, and, as of now, it lists Alexandra in the top spot if the baby's to be a princess, followed by Charlotte and then Elizabeth. If the baby's destined to be a prince, then the top contender is George, followed by James and Benjamin. Diana is on there too, in 5th place, behind Victoria. Alice and Mary also make the list.

What do you think the parents-to-be will name their child? We're thinking we can definitely rule out a Princess Lyndsey or a Prince Montgomery, seeing as those two names round out the very bottom of the list.

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Hopefully, as Camilla says, we won't have to wait too much longer to find out!

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