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7 Most Adorable Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Words


7 Most Adorable Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Words
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Our favorite ILY gestures submitted by YourTango readers.

We're running a Twitter challenge to find out all the cute ways you and your significant other tell each other how much you care — and so far, we love what we're seeing. So much so that we might borrow a few of these ideas ourselves.

From saying it with a special meal to sprinkling surprise ILY notes thoughout the house, these silent but sweet ways of saying "I love you" are creative and so memorable. 

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Below we count down our favorite submissions.

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ILY Scavenger Hunt

i love you


Let The Food Do The Talking

i love you


Tyra Banks Was Onto Something When She Taught Us How To "Smize."

i love you



Act It Out

i love you

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Hug It Out 

i love you


Taking One For The Team

i love you


Pucker Up

i love you

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