Why Every Woman Should Live Alone Before Marriage


The secret to a successful marriage? A little independence.

Originally posted on Babble.com by Chaunie Brusie

I'll never forget the summer I spent living on my own.

And I'm not talking "on my own" as in my own bedroom with a bunch of roommates or a plush apartment financed by my parents.

I'm talking completely, totally, 100 percent on my own.

During the summer before my senior year of college, I rented a teeny, tiny one-room student apartment near my university's campus, so cramped I had to set my mini-TV stolen from home on top of my fridge and so small I could practically make an omelet from my bed. My college town was dead, with students home or traveling for the summer, so I very well could have found a cheaper apartment or took in a roommate.

But I decided that the price of experiencing true freedom was worth a few extra bucks.

With my serious boyfriend off working in another state and my own busy schedule of full-time work and full-time classes, I relished, for the first and only time in my life, a summer spent answering only to myself.

A leisurely run after a long shift at the hospital? Of course! Fajita dinners with frozen margaritas every night? Why not? Lazy mornings spent reading to my heart's content? Absolutely.

My summer alone was wonderful and refreshing in every way. But more importantly, it helped to prepare me for marriage. Keep reading...

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