'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Cheesiest Quotes From Week 3!


Love & TV: The Cheesiest Quotes From 'The Bachelorette' Week 3
Girlfriends, injuries and cowboys, oh my!

In what surely must be one of the most eventful third weeks in Bachelorette history, last night's episode sure started off with a bang. There were ambulances, punches thrown, and blood ... not to mention a girlfriend showing up to the house and exposing one guy who "wasn't there for the right reasons."

But just because there was drama, doesn't mean there also wasn't plenty of the inevitable cheese. Behold, our favorite 'did they really just say that?' lines from the week:

  • We were on a break! –Brian

When Brian is confronted by Desiree, Chris Harrison, and his girlfriend about, well, having a girlfriend, his retort is one of the most famous sitcom lines of all time. We're still wondering how long this whole encounter was rehearsed. 

  • Who will be my Lone Ranger? –Desiree

While we get the ABC/Disney connection, and the date sponsored by the upcoming film The Lone Ranger was actually really cool, Des took the whole thing a little too far with that zinger.

  • This guy attacks her, and she throws him off the balcony. It was really intense … and hot at the same time. –Zak aka No Shirt Guy

Men. That's all we have to say about that one. 

  • It's called The Bachelorette for a reason. It's not called Let's Make Friends. –Ben

Great retort to the haters, Ben. At least you know what show you're on!

  • I just got my heart smashed by a hammer. –Brandon aka Super Emotional Guy

This reaction is no surprise coming from the guy who spent a good portion of the past two weeks crying. But seriously? You've known the girl for three weeks. Three weeks!


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