Celebrity Sex Talk: Scott Sexted What To Kourtney Kardashian?!


And who told Kate Winslet, "Three children by three different fathers doesn't look good on anyone"?

The Kardashians are known for being wildly unfiltered, but did Kourt's baby daddy go one (icky) step too far?

In the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott and Kourtney fooled around with sex toys ... and sexy texts. "Knock knock, who's there? It's my penis knocking on your back door," Scott Disick sexted away. 

We have no words for that, Scott. No words. 

Fortunately, these celebrities were filled with plenty more head-turning celebrity sex talk this week:

"I'm a bit less likely to just relentlessly hurl myself into a troth full of parts, you know, sex parts. Now I try and be a bit more discerning about what goes on." —Russell Brand on casual sex.

"To be clear: very glad Michael Douglas has brought attention to the HPV epidemic, but did he have to say cunnilingus so much while doing it?" —Lena Dunham on Twitter

"Maria Shriver is rumored to be taking Arnold back. It's not because she loves him—she just couldn't find another maid who does windows." —Joan Rivers on Twitter

"I'd like to get started on it before my thirties," —Daniel Radcliffe on having kids in his 20s.

"But to the outside world, Kate, it just looks tacky. Three children by three different fathers doesn't look good on anyone." —writer Judith Woods on Kate Winslet's pregnancy news.

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