The Ultimate Guide To Getting Lucky At A Wedding

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Lucky At A Wedding

'Tis the season! Get to know the very important rules of wedding hookups.

Wedding season is here! Which, in addition to celebrating the love between a couple, means an excuse for you to get dressed up, show off your best (and worst) dance moves and mingle with some eligible bachelors.

But, before you drag the best man onto the dance floor or take a shot with the groom's cousin, make sure you know who's off-limits and when to proceed with caution.

Our friends at The Frisky came to the rescue to help you find a prime candidate for a good old fashion makeout sesion. From the DJ to the parents of the bride, here's who you can and cannot hit on at your next wedding.

See the guide at The Frisky: Dating Don'ts: A Field Guide To Getting Lucky At A Wedding

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