'The Bachelorette' Week 1 Recap: Let's Meet The Men


Love On TV: 'The Bachelorette' Week 1 Recap
25 guys and one girl: Let the games begin!

As the show (I mean, journey!) began, it quickly became obvious that ABC was trying to firmly establish lovable Desiree in the viewers' minds as the girl-next-door. I'm not sure that anyone needed the reminder—she embodies the stereotype!—but everything from Cinderella comparisons to having her drive up to meet Chris Harrison in a Honda and then have him give her the keys to a baby blue Bentley convertible solidified her role. We also learned that this is going to be a tearful season—Ms. Hartsock cried a number of times before the men even arrived.

After we knew exactly who our next Cinderella—I mean bachelorette—was, it was time to move on to the main attraction of night one—the men!

And boy did we get a show. A dude showed up in no shirt, a guy offered her the famed 'fantasy suite card' (which she firmly refused), a dude tried to dance with her and dip her, only to have Des get her heel caught pretty badly in her long silver dress; one guy came out with a 'hashtag' gimmick and another came out in a full blown suit of armor (yep). Oh, and there was a magician. Who was more than happy to do tricks.

But with all those entrances, the most dramatic had to be Ben, who had his beyond adorable son, Brody, dressed in a suit, exit the limo first. Hearts melted, including Desiree's.

As the cocktail party proceeded, the guys did their best vying, and fantasy suite guy tried to redeem himself—twice—only by pulling more creepy stunts. The guy created a mini 'fantasy suite' and tried to pull her into the back of the house away from the rest of the guys. Des showed exactly what she was about by sending the creeper home on the spot. And America immediately loved her all the more.

By the end of the night, Daddy Ben had gotten the first rose, and even the shirtless guy is getting another chance to show what he's made of (besides a six-pack that is), but the magician, the knight in shining armor and the dip guy were sent packing.

Our appetites are whet, and we can't wait to see the next two hours of Desiree's journey! VIEW THE GALLERY: THE BACHELORETTE: DES HARTSOCK SEASON 9

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