The Guide To Baby Daddies: As Told By Kourtney Kardashian In GIFs


What can Kourtney Kardashian teach Kim about the baby daddy bidness?

Kim Kardashian is gearing up to be a mom for the first time with boyfriend Kanye West. Parenthood—especially without a ring on it—can be tricky, but luckily Kim's got Kourtney to guide her through life with babies and occasionally egomaniac baby daddies. (We're lookin' at you, Kanye and Scott!) Here are some words of wisdom about marriage and motherhood straight from Kourtney's mouth:


Hey Kourtney, do you think Kim and Kanye should get married just because they're having a kid?

Why not?

Will you and Scott ever tie the knot?

Harsh. New topic: Kim's pregnancy came as a surprise. Any advice on whether she and Yeezy should try for a second kid?

How do you respond when your baby daddy asks to go out with his boys: 

What happens when you and your baby daddy disagree on how to raise the kids?

The baby won't sleep! What should Kim do?

Heads up, Kima foolproof game that babies love? Peekaboo!

What happens when Auntie Kourtney babysits the Kimye spawn?

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