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“Talking and working through the exercises with Marina and reading her book “Your right to be wrong in relationships” has changed my life. When I met Marina I was very confused, I knew I was doing something very wrong, but couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was. The exercises I worked through with Marina helped me to see the patterns and situations I create not only in my relationships but also in my work, life style and choice of hobbies. I was able to evaluate both sides of these, the positive and the negative, a revelation for me a person who thinks in very black/white patterns.

I suddenly saw that it was me who entered into these types of relationships/jobs/hobbies and for the first time I was able to understand why, the good things and the bad things that these experiences were giving me. I also understood what i had gained from my loss of relationship with my partner, how positive people and experiences had replaced negative ones and see how this now benefits me and my life. It was like a light switching on.

I realised and understood that i am tired – tired of entering these relationships, tired of working where i do, tired of battling out my hobbies. This year, 2012, i am now looking forward to creating a new peaceful kind of life for myself free from tiresome circumstances and people. I would encourage anyone who is at a point in their relationships or life, who are are aware they are doing something wrong but aren’t quite sure just what, to work with Marina and read her book it may just switch on a light for you too. I would like to express my deepest thanks to Marina for taking the time to help me when i needed it most.” Ceri Edwards

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Marina Pearson

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