10 MORE Tips & Tricks For Making Foreplay Last Longer

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Challenge #8: Use these build-up tips to keep the fire raging between the sheets.

1. Take your time undressing each other. Touch everywhere. As you remove his shirt or her dress, brush your hand lightly along their skin. As you remove pants or stockings, be sure to caress each leg. Consider doing a strip tease. —Kim Olver

2. Breathe together. Match your partner's breathing will take you deeper into bliss than any new sex move. —Larry Michel

3. Take the time to give a full body massage (and I do mean "full"). Be sure to get to those places your massage therapist never would ... and be sure to mix in plenty of kissing and licking. —Kim Olver

4. Get loud. Quiet sex is only for when they kids are home. Great sex is vocal. If you hold back, you are putting a dampener on the intensity of your sex life. Moan, scream, giggle — do it into a pillow if you're worried about the neighbors calling the police. —Larry Michel

5. Don't be too shy to exchange dirty talk. Compliment on how amazing he/she smells, looks, feels and make you feel. Adding this verbal component to foreplay can greatly enhance the experience. —Kim Olver

6. Have strong eye contact during your conversations about what you like. Watch your partner's eyes as they cascade across your body, taking in your movements. Notice how they widen, how pupils change, how lashes flutter and how the tension builds as you both become more and more excited. —Larry Michel

7. Bring props and sex toys into the bedroom; Playing with them can enhance your mutual enjoyment in ways you never thought possible. —Kim Olver 

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