Weird News: Revenge Is Best Served With A Bitter "For Sale" Sign

for sale sign

After her husband cheated, one woman aired out her dirty laundry right on the front lawn.

You've heard about women making their husbands wear "I cheated" signs around their neck, creating posters, and even using bilboards as punishment, but when Elle Zober's husband left her for a 22-year-old woman, she decided to reveal his infidelity to the neighbors on a diferent sign: their house's "For Sale" sign.

Zober, who was featured on a new TV series Karma's A B*tch!, says she wasn't able to afford their home after they separated and ended up airing her dirty laundry right on the sign — explaining exactly what happened.

Not that she really needed it, but she even had her husband's approval for the sign.

See the sign at Huffington Post: Elle Zober Gets Even With Ex-Husband On Investigation Discovery's 'Karma's A B*tch!' (VIDEO)

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