Seriously, Are Vaginal Orgasms Real?


We've heard about them, read about them, dreamed about having them...but have you ever had a vaginal orgasm? If your boyfriend or husband is pressuring you to have an orgasm but you're beginning to think that vaginal orgasms are mythical creatures, never fear! Help is on the way.

As much as we'd love to have mind-blowing vaginal orgasms, sex therapist and YourTango Expert Dr. Lori Buckley of the Sinclair Institute explains that the clitoris can be the surprising secret. Bummed that the fabled clitoris-free intercourse-inspired orgasm isn't as easily attainable as you thought? (Okay, we're kidding, no one thought it was easy!) According to Dr. Buckley, most women actually don't have an orgasm from intercourse alone. "Actually, two-thirds of women need to have direct clitoral stimulation to be able to have an orgasm," she says. So what can you do?

Check out the video above to learn more about surefire moves that will turn you on both in and out of the bedroom! Mind-blowing, orgasmic sex is within your reach, whatever kinds of orgasms you're having—and hey, if you're lucky, maybe you'll figure out the secret to those vaginal orgasms we've all been hoping for!

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