5 Great Gatsby-Themed Dates


great gatsby-themed couple dancing
Can't wait for the film adaptation this summer? Here's how to bring the Roaring '20s to date night.

The film adaptation of The Great Gatsby hits theaters this summer and if Director Baz Luhrmann's latest film is anything like his other colorful, musical love stories (Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet just to name a few), it's bound to be a blockbuster hit.

In case you need a refresher (sans Sparknotes), the novel is set in the summer of 1922 and follows narrator Nick Carraway who rents a small house on Long Island across from the sprawling estate of the enigmatic Jay Gatsby. The Great Gatsby provides a snapshot into a glorious age in America's history — the Roaring Twenties — a time of booming economy, flappers and jazz musicians, bootleggers and gangsters. And it was perhaps the first time in history when Americans truly felt liberated in their sexuality as individuals.

But above all else, it's a love story and we fully expect Leonardo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan to steam up the silver screen as the dashing Jay Gatsby and his love from the past, the darling Daisy Buchanan.

So needless to say, it's one of the sexiest books of all time. (Still don’t believe us? Did you know that before he decided on a title, the author considered calling his story The High-Bouncing Lover?)

Excited yet? Jazz it up with one of these five date ideas inspired by The Great American Novel. They would make F. Scott Fitzgerald proud.


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