A-List Links: First Divorce Rumors, Now Miranda Kerr Gets Fired?


The Victoria's Secret angel is turning in her wings.

Miss out on the hottest celebrity news this week? Not too worry—that's why we're here!

Ellen DeGeneres landed the number two spot on Out's most powerful gay celebs. So, who's No. 1? (Wetpaint)

Did you know one of the Spice Girls once dated Jerry O'Connell? See this list of surprising celeb hookups. (ETOnline)

Catch Joe Jonas adorably surprising a fan on The Today Show. (Crushable)

New Bachelor couple alert! AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack have found love! (HaveUHeard)

The completely stunning Miranda Kerr has lost her wings! That's right—the Victoria's Secret model is no longer an angel. (TheBlemish)

Before Kim KardashianKanye West was just singing about "Gold Diggers." Now, he's getting sued over it. (AllieIsWired)

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham confirmed she made a porn film with James Deen, and she wants how much? (EarSucker)

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