Weird News: Woman Chooses Rats Over Her Husband

woman and rats

And not just a few rats. Nineteen.

There's a number of reasons married couples separate: kids, finances, disagreements. But rats? This is a new one ... we hope.

While many of us try our best to avoid the creatures lurking in the subways, Chantal, featured on the season premiere of TLC's My Crazy Obsession, is so rat-obsessed that her husband moved out because of her 19 beloved pets. And her kids? Well, they grew up with rats as siblings.

Our friends at Huffington Post Weird News have more on Chantal and a video of her with her rats, too.

See The Video At Huffington Post Weird News: 'My Crazy Obsession' Premiere: Woman Chooses Rats Over Her Husband (VIDEO)

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