Attention, Fellas! Use ALL Five Senses To Get In The Mood [VIDEO]



Attention men everywhere, psychologist Esther Perel has a message for you: "He who looks down there is wasting his time."


Confused? Allow her to explain. More women are stimulated by not just touch, but words. When it comes to hot sex games, if you want to engage your partner on every single level, you're going to need to capture all five of their senses.

When you do this, you're not only creating a stronger and more meaningful experience for both of you but building on your relationship in a way that lights your brain on fire (figuratively speaking).

Esther has an exercise for you: let your partner touch your hand and tell them exactly how it feels, tying your words and feelings together. Then, reverse it. Touch your partners hand and listen closely to what they tell you.

Your sense of smell and taste are also so intensely powerful and very primitive. With them, you can beckon your partner and take them in yourself in a deeper way.

Many people focus on the main sense of pleasure, which is touch. But there are so many things you can do to heighten your other senses as well. You will find that using more senses makes the experience much more pleasurable.

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The G-spot is between the ears. How do you turn yourself as well as your partner on using all five senses? So much of sex these days is genitally focused. As if!

If you go to the right spot, this is where it’s going to be exciting. But imagine that for women the best aphrodisiacs are words and Isebella Illiendez says, 'G-spot is between the ears'.

He who looks down there is wasting his time. But if you took your hands and you actually passed them through the hair, you linger there and you stay there with the tip of your fingers and the back of your palm, see I have all the time in the world, see that little word that arrives there in your ear when you least expected it, it just sticks there.

But not just in your ear, it vibrates in your entire body. So let me give you a little wonderful exercise that has to do with touch. So you, take your partner’s hand and in one experience, you're going to just play with their hand. But the entire focus is what you are experiencing in your hand.

The second one, I suggest that you move your focus and your intention entirely to you partner. In sexuality, you want that intentionality to move from one direction to another. Now imagine smell.

We often talk about perfumes and not the smell of our own bodies. We can literally beckon someone by calling them through their sense of smell.

Another powerful sense that is part of this exploration is taste. Tasting. The taste of the skin of our partner. We taste the liquids that we each extract in our sexuality. Taste is a very powerful primitive way of taking the person and being given to a person as well.

Some of us are very visual. But visual doesn’t just mean what I see, visual is also playing like what Vanhe speaks about like with the shadow and light. Don’t reveal it all immediately. Let it unfold. Let a person want to see more before you expose them.

Sexploration involves playing with the five senses. I invite all of you to savor each of them. To discover which one is part of you sexploration.

Which one is the one you’re most intrigued by? We each have all of them.

But each of us may be inclined toward one more than another.

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