See 'Girl Meets World's' Cory & Topanga's Wedding Rings


Cory and Topanga are reuniting for a new series revolving around the couple's daughter, Riley.

Over a decade ago, we watched Cory Matthews put a ring on Topanga Lawrence's finger. Now, we can finally see what both rings look like.

Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence) tweeted a picture this week from the set of Girl Meets World. In the shot, Danielle's hand as well as Ben Savage's (Cory Matthews) hand is visible and both showcase the wedding rings each will be sporting for the show along with the caption, "Cory and Topanga...together again." And if the photo is any evidence, Cory must have done pretty well for himself because Topanga's ring is not small.

See the photo here: Check Out Cory & Topanga's Wedding Rings for 'Girl Meets World'

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Photo Courtesy IMDB



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