Wedding Dance Tips: 7 Ways to Prevent Disaster

Wedding Dance Tips: 7 Ways to Prevent Disaster

Wedding Dance Tips: 7 Ways to Prevent Disaster

Worried about having two left feet? Here are tips to avoid embarrassment.

For most couples, the wedding dance is an important part and the highlight of the wedding reception. While others want to make their dance a fun performance, others want theirs like a scene straight out of a fairytale: where the beautiful princess and the handsome prince elegantly dances across the floor.

One thing’s for certain: no matter what option you choose, dancing on your wedding day requires time and effort - especially if you’re not good with fancy footwork. If you want to impress your audience, avoid embarrassment, and have fun in the process here are a few ways to prevent a potential wedding dance disaster.

1. Take dance classes. If you feel you or your partner has two left feet, gain confidence by taking a dance class. Look up dance studios and enroll in a class that focuses on wedding dances. You can take it with a group or a bunch of other couples. If you feel uncomfortable with people watching you dance the first time, you can sign up for private lessons - this way you and your fiance can focus practicing without prying eyes around.


2. Watch wedding videos. If you think getting a private lesson is too pricey or inconvenient, you can always go for dance videos. There are numerous instructional videos in the internet you can take advantage of. Log on to and search “wedding dance tutorials.” I’m sure you can find more than one good resource. Another option is purchasing an instructional DVD.

3. Pick the right song. Don’t choose a song that’s too fast or too slow to dance to. Instead, select one that expresses your feelings for each other and allows your feet to keep up with the tempo. A very slow number might put your guests to sleep. For a good mix of songs to choose from, you can contact a Scottish wedding band. They’ll give you a wide range of songs - from ballads to rock, from old to recent - that you can choose from.

4. Dance in front of a mirror. When you dance facing a mirror, you’ll have a better look at yourself and your moves. Experiment with whatever feels right with the music. You’ll be able to see if a certain dance step looks great or awkward. Having a body-length mirror is best.

5. Wear proper footwear. Unless you’re a professional dancer who does great with dancing in six-inch heels, I suggest you go for footwear that is comfortable for dancing. Flat shoes or ballet shoes can minimize the chance of twisting your ankle or falling straight into the wedding cake. For grooms, make sure your dancing shoes have a proper grip so as not to slip on a waxed dance floor.

6. Limit your alcohol intake. Before your big dance, refrain from taking in too much alcohol. Yes, alcohol may make you feel like a great dancer, but most likely you won’t look like one. So, to avoid the humiliation, dance sober and drink after you finished dancing.

7. Don’t forget to practice. Although cliche, practice does make perfect! Before the wedding, steal a few minutes with your fiance and run through the final steps in the actual dance floor. Make adjustments if necessary.

Let loose and dance with confidence with these tips! Do you have anything to add? Share them here!