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5 St. Patrick's Day-Inspired Date Outfits


St. Patrick's Day-Inspired Date Outfits
What are you wearing this St. Patrick's Day?
Here's how to look glam in all green.

Gearing up for St. Paddy's day schenanigans means stocking up on Guinness and an excess of green apparel and accessories.

Whether or not you have a St. Patty's date, we give you outfit ideas to look glam in all green. For all the single ladies, the odds are high for meeting some cute guys during the bar hopping/ car bombing festivities. Although, we can't promise they'll be in gentleman mode ...

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In terms of St. Paddy's attire, go green, but don't go over-the-top, and avoid uncomfortable shoes. It's a fine line between tacky and tasteful when it comes to the holiday of the leprechaun.

We give you 5 St. Patrick's Day-inspired outfits to make all the others green with envy.

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