A-List Links: See Leonardo DiCaprio's New Love

Leonardo DiCaprio

Now that Kate Winslet's off the market, Leo's following suit.

So excited about the Oscars this weekend that you've missed other top entertainment stories? Not to worry, we've got you covered.

Did you catch the Brit Awards? If not, you may have missed Taylor Swift flaunting a wedding dress in front of ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Weird, no? (Wetpaint)

Do you know who Mario LopezZac Efron and Hugh Jackman's first kiss was? Well, now you do. (TheCelebrityCafe)

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy is one of the most talked about pregnancies of the year. So, did she do it for $22 million? (HaveUHeard)

It's about time! A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio has finally found a girl to settle down with. So, is it serious? (DailyFreshies)

Who are you looking forward to seeing at the Oscars this weekend? Hear all about Barbra Streisand's upcoming performance. (uInterview)

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